War must be, while we defend our lives against a destroyer who would devour all…

“Beach Body Ready” is a phenomenon that I have already mentioned on this blog, in fact it was part of the catalyst to get me to start writing in the first place (it’s nice to vent). I know that I am not the only one – I make a point of reading feminist and pro body image articles et al. whenever I can – that finds this influx of diet and exercise regimes (most common during summer months), at best ridiculous, and at worst destructive; which brings me to a Guardian article I would like to share, and would implore you to read – How to get the perfect beach body (with science) – for those who read and promote positive body image, this article may be a little repetitive for you, as it was for me, however, in essence the repetition of common social media rhetoric (in the aforementioned circles, rather than in general), isn’t in itself a condemnation of the article. I actually can’t particularly condemn the article, I find this way of addressing the abhorrent business of selling “perfection” particularly amusing; furthermore, I appreciate the fact that a media institution, such as the Guardian, has published something like this. It should not just be a niche corner of the internet who preoccupy themselves with the problem.

The diet and exercise industry, assaults our senses on a daily basis and the site of conflict needs to be transposed to neutral ground – there we can fight, not just defend.


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