Dieting and Minority Report

I don’t often post without consideration, without a long thought process about what I’m going to type, however I’m so angry that I really just need to get this out into the world so it doesn’t eat me up.
This, monstrosity:


Just appeared on my Facebook feed.
I know that I regularly post on the influence of media on body image, not only on my own, but also how it will effect others as it becomes more constant and unavoidable. I have issues, not only with the fact that so much advertising and so many products are out there, that encourage unhealthy dietary, excersize and body image habits, but that many of the advertisements perpetuate the misogynistic view that a woman’s body is simply for a man’s pleasure.
If we, as women, are denied pleasure in ourselves; if we are only valued for our ability to conform to the doctrine of “beauty”; if we can only have validation through male eyes; if we have no power over ourselves and if men have all that power, how are we meant to be happy with ourselves?
The answer is: we are not; then we cannot be controlled, we cannot be extorted by the beauty and fitness and fashion industry. We are not meant to be happy, that is what they tell us: you are not good enough. We must be kept marginalised; just one less demographic to disrupt the status quo.
I find recognising this and maintaining a level of abstract helpful with my recovery, I can start to reject the outside influnces, get angry, fuel my fire to get better; I just want to do more to help others so they don’t fall down into this rabbit hole.


2 thoughts on “Dieting and Minority Report

  1. This. Thank you for posting this. I have a very dear friend who is losing weight specifically for a guy and as someone who is “recovered” I find it triggering and upsetting. She won’t go on a first date with the guy until she loses x amount of weight and my feelings are why would you want to be with someone who doesn’t accept you the way you are? It bothers me that, like you mentioned, we give men all the power and we are left with nothing. Just gotta keep on fighting the good fight, I suppose.

    • It’s scary how many people I know that are the same; I’m never sure if there’s actually an expectation from the individual guy or if it’s more of a general fear that this type of thing induces in the women idk… Like you said, fight the good fight 🙂 I’m glad you liked the post!

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