Challenge Time

I woke up this morning, with the opposite of “that Monday feeling”. Instead I woke up feeling better than I have done in a little while. There’s nothing I have done to really affect this change, just my body going through its normal ups and downs, so I’ve decided to try and capitalise on this feeling by setting myself a few challenges:

1. I will not weigh myself for the next three days – that’s Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, scale free. I’m fed up of the dictator that is my scale, and as much as I try to avoid it, I’m always drawn in. I haven’t managed to last three days in a while, but I feel like this is doable.
2. I will make sure I get all the calories I need – I’ve started tracking my calorie intake, this started because I felt like I was overeating (which I was), but I needed something to reassure myself that it really wasn’t that much and I didn’t need to purge, basically a diet plan; the only problem is that I’ve noticed some days I’m seriously under-eating, I do not want to put my body through the rigmarole of “starvation mode” and getting my metabolism back up etc. etc. so instead I’m aiming to keep my intake at something I am happy with, but that won’t let my metabolic rate to plummet.
3. I will do more job applications this week – when I am feeling bad, job applications feel like the worst idea, I can’t deal with the rejection (or complete lack of acknowledgement), so I must capitalise on the good feelings and apply for as many as I can in this time! Basically, I must not get distracted by pretty things that are fun and unproductive aha!

I am going to check in each day with my progress, I feel like if I am tracking everything I will manage my time better, give myself some structure, but it might keep me on track better. If I fail, in any of the above, I will not be upset, and that is most important – I am setting these goals to make use of the good emotions, not to force myself back into bad ones.

Stay Positive ❤


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