Day 2 or Too Busy to Post

I really don’t know what I was doing yesterday to take up my whole entire day, but it got taken over. I had a rest day from the gym, baked cookies and felt okay. I managed to avoid the scales! Two days running (and counting) which again was a bit scary yesterday and a couple of times when I walked into the bathroom I had to walk back out again and go use the downstairs one – scale free. I signed up for a new grad recruitment website and have been called a couple times this morning from recruitment companies, but no I do not wish to go into recruitment, no I do not wish to go into sales – needless to say they weren’t that productive, and I had a flash of red when the second rang (after one phone call and 4 or 5 emails from different companies) and I had to explain that I am not looking at the rolls they place for; although, seeing as these recruitment companies are always hiring people that don’t even read an effing CV maybe I should give it a go, sounds like a doss, actually, scrap that, I would put effort in, I couldn’t leave as many typos, grammatical errors or spelling mistakes as most of the people in these roles seem to.
Anyway, so yes, no scales, applications made, and I’m pretty sure I got the calories I needed yesterday; I wasn’t tracking, mainly because I decided that I couldn’t be bothered to work out how many calories my cookies had in them. I enjoyed TWO cookies, breakfast, lunch and dinner! PLUS my new smoothie maker came, so I had a smoothie too, like I said, pretty sure I got enough.
I will be posting shortly about how I got on today.


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